Redeemer Day School is a brand new Christian-based school in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA. I typically select one to two non-profits each year to provide an in-kind web service to and this year I selected Redeemer as a favor to one of my husband’s colleagues. This site services both general users as well as provides exclusive content for parents, teachers, and staff through custom logins.

The website has a lot of information and exclusive content behind the login area as well as a lot of general content for newcomers.

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Calendar of Events

The calendar includes a mapping feature as well as a “add to my calendar” function that works for Google, Outlook and other calendar systems. Calendar events are categorized for easy searching. The calendar can be viewed by month, day, week or in agenda mode.

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Staff bios are set up with a small photo and a collapsible bio for quick and clean viewing. Additional information for each teacher is available only to parents from within the parent portal.

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Contact Us

The Contact Us page has a nice, clean link to a Google map of the area and general contact information with a clean form for website users to submit questions or information.

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Teachers and parents can log in to access exclusive content from the home page of the website. The login is specific to each individual user and content will be presented to each user based on their current role.

Once a user has successfully logged in to the site, they are presented with additional links to access teacher pages, etc. throughout their website visit.

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Parent and Teacher Portals

Parents have access to their specific teacher’s web page where teachers will upload a monthly newsletter, have a student list and provide ongoing blog posts for parents to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings specific to that teacher. The blog posts are set to display in a grid layout.

There is also a page for resources including forms, handbooks, uniform regulations, etc. that is only accessible via login.

Teachers have special logins to access forms and internal documents.

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Redeemer Day School is a new Christian-based day school in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA. The school wanted a robust website that would rival those of area high schools, prep schools, and colleges in regards to content and look and feel. The team presented me with several sites that they liked and we began to build this nearly 30-page site that would house exclusive content and general information for parents looking for a religious-based day school in the Buckhead area.


WordPress, Illustrator, Photoshop