Is He a Keeper?

Is He a Keeper is a site for women looking to get out of the trap of dating the wrong guys and finding the “one.” The site needed to focus on Debra’s e-book but also incorporate her ongoing consulting and empowerment for women as she looks to build her brand. Her site was a rebuild from a site she had built and was not happy with the results.

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Is He a Keeper? e-Book Page

Debra is working hard to market her e-book which is for sale on Amazon for the Kindle. We set up her book page to include a downloadable excerpt from her book. The page requires that the user subscribe to updates which allows Debra to then market and provide ongoing communication to folks who are interested in her services. To the left of every page, we have added social links so that visitors can easily share information with their friends.

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Contact Us

Since Debra’s site is all about her and the services she provides, we included a photo with a general location of where she resides on her contact us page. ¬†We also included social links so that visitors can easily connect with Debra, The Keeper Coach.

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Secondary Navigation

We added secondary navigation to Debra’s site where visitors can download free content including some fun infographics. Originally Debra’s downloads were all textual so I used Canva to recreate them into fun infographics that she can pin to her Pinterest boards to garner more buzz.

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Adding free downloads is a great way to get people to visit your site often. Keeping your content fresh is a must! Debra had some free downloads but they were all text and no graphics…we fixed that! Now take a look at what she offers for free download.

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The Blog

One of the most important things you can do when you are selling a service like an e-book is to keep your content fresh through blogging. But execution is just as important as the act of blogging. I consulted Debra on the importance of high-quality and consistent graphics that clearly convey her brand. If you don’t do it correctly, people won’t take you seriously and that can be bad for business. We cleaned up all of her past blog posts, added hi-res images and set the blog up to show in a grid format.

All of the hi-res images are easily pinnable to a Pinterest board and the one-click functionality is built into her site….viola!

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Debra came to me as a referral from a close friend. She had already spent nearly $1,000 to have her website built and, at the end of the day, it had fallen short of her expectations. The site was not responsive, did not convey her message and was just not something that she was proud of. After several months of conversation, we decided to jump head first into rebuilding her a functional site that conveyed her brand and had the professional feel she was looking for.

At the time that we launched her site, she told me that she only wished she had known me six months earlier and the whole process for her would have been different. Since launching her site, she has had more site traffic, sold e-books and had sign ups for her RSS feed which she had not had in the months leading up to the relaunch.

I coached Debra on how to utilize social media to her advantage through strategic tweets using popular hashtags, creating great images for Pinterest posts, creating Pinterest boards and creating engaging Facebook posts. Her next step is to do some paid posts to see if she can build her fan base.


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