Home Page

The front page has a slider of their three primary tenets – connections, careers and communities – that were clickable to get more information. Additionally, there were several buttons below the slider that provided the user quick access to various elements within the site that were most visited, for ease of navigation.

Toward the bottom of the page, we utilized fundraising links from Amazon to help raise money for scholarships, etc. We added social media links to the top of each page so they were very visible to users.


EWI is a membership-based organization and most visitors have questions when they land on the site. This page helped them to quickly understand what EWI was, how to join and more.

Member Firms

Firms own the membership in EWI so this page allowed visitors to click through and see the member firms sites.


EWI of Indianapolis utilized EventBrite and MailChimp to keep members, member firms and interested parties up-to-date on upcoming events. A Facebook feed from the News page allowed people to see events on the left and any relevant news information to the right.

Members Only Area - Career Development

The members only section of the site has downloadable training and information that keeps them up-to-date on the latest in business and career development.

Scholarships and Community

EWI of Indianapolis offered scholarships to various knowledge seekers. This page outlined requirements and submission dates for the various scholarships available.


The Connect is the monthly newsletter that EWI of Indianapolis sends to members, member firms and prospective membership. The newsletter was uploaded each month in PDF downloadable form or could be viewed online using Yudu.

EWI of Indianapolis required a complete rebuild of their website that would integrate all of their social media including EventBrite, MailChimp, Facebook, Pinterest, Photobucket, Twitter and more. They needed a login area for members as well as a page to house downloadable and interactive monthly newsletters.

This site has a lot of pages and a lot of educational information for its members as well as the community at-large.


DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, iStock Photo, social media and more