Employee Hold’em works with clients focused on recruiting, rewarding and retaining great talent. The type of reports we create depend on the company structure as well as various other factors. Utilizing advanced functionality in Excel, we are able to generate bulk reporting in a timely manner.

Most reports contain benchmark data from an independent survey so the company can see how they are doing versus other companies within their industry. The data is aggregated and analyzed by other vendors and provided to EasTech in a unique layout that allows for reporting to run smoothly.

Utilizing minimal specifications and the client survey, we are able to automate aspects of the reporting process. We also rely on v-lookups, pivot tables and more that we create to look at the data in various ways.

We also utilize other special functions in Excel to create indicators based on specific thresholds that the data meets. This allows the client to determine any significance in the data they are looking at.

Most of the graphs are laid out in a simple, easy-to-understand format to reduce the need for interpreting the data once the reports are delivered to the client. In the expanded reports, we dive much deeper into the data and therefore the graphs become more complex.

Some of the data is a combination of factors reported together to create an indices that can help the customer better understand their employees and take action where needed.

I have worked with Employee Hold’em since 2006 to provide semi-automated reports using a unique data layout, v-lookups and Visual Basic for Applications programming. Report types range from trending, comparison, segment overviews, benchmarking and full-blown executive reports. Marc Drizin, owner of Employee Hold’em, has spent more than 25 years advising businesses on what employees and customers really need to feel satisfied and engaged. The demand for his unique ability to link international research and digestible employee-centric ideas to an organization’s bottom line performance has made him a busy human resource consultant to companies and business leaders worldwide on a range of employee loyalty, engagement, and retention issues.

From one-off reports to several hundred reports, we are able to quickly and accurately provide results to Employee Hold’em and their customers to take action and improve their business.


MS Excel, MS Word, Visual Basic for Applications, Tab Delimited Data Files