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Tips for Selecting a Hosting Provider for Hosting Your Website

There are so many options out there to host your website so how do you decide on the best service? It can be a difficult decision but I have used several and definitely have hosting services that I like better than others. From the ease of use standpoint, it is always easiest if  you don’t yet have a domain to purchase your domain at the time that you set up hosting using the same service. If not, you can transfer service which makes it simple but that costs money for those of you who are on a budget.

It can be a stressful process so feel free to reach out to me if you ever have questions on how to get started…let’s talk! Here are some of my picks:

Media Temple

I started using Media Temple in 2011 when I officially set up my business website. The service I use is a Grid Service that gives you a partition of a multiple servers which has redundancy built in, reducing down time and resources. It was one of the first companies to build a public could hosting platform and you can host multiple sites on your server. Right now, I host six sites on my server with no issues and have never experienced any downtime.


100% wind powered
unlimited bandwidth
unlimited email addresses
unlimited bandwidth

host up to 5 sites
24/7/365 live support
Easy one-click app installs (like WordPress)
Redundant website hosting and more…


Media Temple is easy to set up and add more sites to. You don’t have to pay for emails (like you do on GoDaddy…BTW, they were acquired by GoDaddy but still have their own services). I also like that I can manage multiple sites on one server and the one-click application process is simple to use.


I just recently started using Machighway to host a site for a client who knew about the service and wanted me to look into it. I found it a bit more difficult to navigate the interface than Media Temple but that could be a result of my comfort level with what I already know. Once I got into it, it is also a great service that is 100% wind powered. I am kind of in LOVE with that alone!!!


Host up to 100 sites
SSD database storage
1,000 email accounts
1TB of monthly bandwidth

100 GB of storage
24/7/365 live support
Easy one-click app installs (like WordPress)
Advanced security and more…


I cannot lie…I am almost out of contract with Media Temple and if it seems easy enough, I will probably switch over to Machighway to host my sites and here is why. It is made for Mac users but Mac users (hey, that’s me!). I host six sites right now and will likely host more in the future. To have unlimited site hosting, unlimited bandwidth, hosting space and email addresses for their Large plan at a cost lower than my current provider, well, is just amazing!! AND, with it being 100% wind powered, I cannot even begin to tell you how happy that makes me. It pretty much supports any and every thing that I could possibly need…now the question that I have to decide is whether it is worth the pain of transitioning six sites from one host to another…ah, decisions!!!



(also StarZoogle, Breederoo, Lanscaperoo, and Contractoroo)

This host is for bands, hence the name Bandzoogle. If I were doing monthly upkeep on a band’s site, this would not be the choice for me. However, I recently set up a site for a band in California that wanted to be able to maintain their site once it was set up (they are just getting started and just don’t have the funds to hire me to do all of the setup for them). Enter Bandzoogle. It is quick and easy to set up a site and has a lot of cool features specific for bands. You can customize your site but since it was going to be a quick build, I just used a built-in template so they wouldn’t have to worry about understanding how to make updates. The down side is that there isn’t a lot you can customize on a built-in template but if you are just getting started and need the ability to do it yourself, this is the way to go.


More than 100 pre-built themes
Some customization
Built-in analysis
Free domain

unlimited bandwidth
Simple email setup
Easy to use file manager
Easy to set up e-commerce and more…


The site was simple to set up and integrate with various social media including sites specific to bands (Bandcamp, Topspin, SoundCloud, iTunes, Amazon, etc.). You don’t have to be a techie to update your band site and it allows you to send special offers for free downloads. Fans can purchase music directly from the site and you can include lyrics with each of your songs. Events are simple to add and you can embed third-party widgets if you have know how. There is a built-in discussion forum, guestbook and polls. Lots of stuff that is geared toward the musician and easy to manage until you “hit it big”.